This Trailblazing Pube Doesn’t Mind Being Two Inches Above the Rest

The pressure to conform to societal norms can leave many looking and feeling like a carbon copy of those around them, rendered indistinct by their assimilation into the herd. For others, nothing is more empowering than marching to the beat of their own drum. Needless to say, this pube on the lower abdomen of Nora Cave, falls into the latter category. That’s right; this trailblazing maverick has no problem with being a full two inches above the rest.


While the heightened visibility may make some self-conscious, this pube is indifferent to the attention.


“Fuck blending in,” said the revolutionary pube. “People can look at me all they want. If we go to the beach, I’m gonna be out. If you buy sexy lingerie, I’m gonna be out. If you wear high waisted underwear? I won’t be out, but I’ll get someone else out on your bikini line.”


For the rebel pube’s bodily host, this pube’s irreverent attitude has come with its frustrations, but she has managed to reach a point of serenity.


“For a long time, it’s been clear to me that this pube answers to no one,” said Cave. “Since I was a teenager, I’ve had my obedient pubes that all stick together where they belong, and then I’ve had this fucker who seems to be trying to escape. I guess it is what it is.”


Though Cave has found peace in resignation, things weren’t always so easy.


“It used to be an all-out war between us,” said Cave. “I would wax it, pluck it, whatever it took. But it always returned, darker and scragglier than ever.”


Cave is glad their days of conflict are over, but the pube looks back on them fondly.


“Those were fun times,” said the wild pube. “I can’t ever forget how hard I fought to remain here, I can’t be complacent.”



“Hm,” continued the pube. “Maybe I should keep moving up. I could probably make it to the belly button or the nipple. Maybe even the chin one day.”


“Okay,” said Cave. “Maybe it’s time for laser hair removal.”