Aw! When Her Daughter Couldn’t Go to Dance Class, This Mom Made Her a Home Studio and Critiqued Her Every Dance Move

When Maura Cohen’s daughter Ashley’s dance studio shut down, Maura knew she had to do something. And that’s when she took control of the situation in every way possible.


“I could tell Ashley missed her friends from dance, and I really missed hearing someone tell Ashley to turn her fucking feet out,” she says. “So I built out a studio in our basement and did it myself.”


Maura got to work, installing a wood floor and mirrors, so that she could drill Ashley on her tap, ballet, and modern dance techniques and criticizing her every step of the way.


“We’re in there at least three hours a day,” Maura explains, even thought prior to quarantine Ashley was dancing for just two hours, twice a week. “She’s very weak and poorly trained, but she’ll get used to it.”


Wow! Talk about a mother’s love for her daughter!



Maura spends most of the day shouting things like, “You need to get that left foot higher,” and “Tuck your pelvis!”


“We all need to find some sense of stability through all of this,” Maura tells us. “For me and Ashley, that’s dance. And hopefully soon it’ll also be her getting it right for once.”