Slay! This Boyfriend Asked, ‘Hey, You Okay?’ at Exactly the Right Time

In absolutely stunning news out of New Haven, CT, Daniel Johnson asked his girlfriend, Maria Gonzalez, “Hey, you okay?” at the exact right moment.


We stan this considerate king!


The couple has been quarantined together since early March, and since then there were multiple instances where Johnson had considered asking whether his girlfriend was okay.


“I guess there was that time I walked in on her sobbing during some Netflix show at like two in the morning,” Johnson, the patron saint of emotionally attentive boyfriends recalled, “But she didn’t say anything specifically, so I didn’t ask. Until I realized maybe I should.”


Yes, Daniel! Notice your girlfriend’s emotions!


The moment of altruistic compassion occurred Saturday night, when Maria had been sitting on the couch for 15 consecutive hours. Johnson came across his girlfriend as she was surrounded by three empty cereal bowls and approximately 50 used tissues while she was watching the scene in Lion King where Mufasa dies.


“That’s when it all clicked for me – I remembered her mentioning how she watches that scene when she wants to cry, and there were all those tissues. I knew she was crying.”


“I asked her is she was okay and then she just started sobbing louder, so I let her have some alone time and played some video games.”



Wow Daniel – we just literally came at the thought of a boyfriend remembering something!


“Daniel is so attentive, he noticed I wasn’t feeling good and asked me how I was doing when I needed to hear it.” Maria said, still clearly upset, “I feel really lucky to have someone who gets me.”


He really seems to, Maria! Enjoy that helpful hottie!