Aw! This Woman Goes to the Bathroom So Much That She Finally Moved There

In a heartwarming story coming out of Brooklyn, NY, 24-year-old Janice Matheson has made a big step towards living her dream life. That’s right – after visiting the bathroom so many times, she finally decided to move there!


Welcome home, Janice!


Janice has struggled with having a small bladder her whole life, always pulling herself from whatever she’s doing in the moment to go to the bathroom. But now, she never has to leave!


“The bathroom has always been one of my favorite locations to visit,” she told reporters. “I was practically a local there! I always felt right at home, and I wondered if I could ever live there full time. Now that I’ve officially moved in, I’ve never been happier!”


Janice told reporters that the move has done wonders for her social life as well.


“I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve had to disrupt conversations or hangouts to try and find a bathroom somewhere,” she said. “But now I just don’t ever leave my house, and I make all of my friends come visit me instead!”




Janice’s friends also have rave reviews of her new digs, even though the place is pretty unconventional.


“She decorated it really well,” Janice’s friend Ryan said. “She has an amazing selection of air fresheners, a squatty potty, a bidet. Plus, there’s even a gas stove and a flat screen TV in there! The rest of us had to leave and stand outside anytime someone needed to use the toilet, but other than that, it was wonderful!”


Someone call up Architectural Digest!



“Right now, I can’t see a reason for me to move anywhere else,” Janice told reporters while flushing the toilet. “I think I’ve found my forever home, and it feels so good! Op, looks like we got a clog. Can you guys give me one sec?”


We can’t wait for the housewarming!