Aw! Friend Thinks Calling Your Afro Fluffy Is a Compliment  

A good friend is one who will uplift you, and make you feel good about yourself. And 23-year-old Kellyn Delaney is no exception, even if she’s a bit misguided: Kellyn, adorably, really believes that calling your afro fluffy is a compliment!


“Wow, I’ve never seen your hair like that, it’s so fluffy!” said Kellyn, in earnest. “It looks like a poofy black cloud!”



Kellyn went on to talk about your hair as if it were the plumage on an exotic animal at a zoo.


“It’s so soft, it’s like running my hands in a baby seal’s pelt,” said Kellyn, not taking the hint after you swatted her unwanted hand away from your hair. “And I can’t believe it just stays up like that. How do you do that?”


“This must be what you mean when you guys say black girl magic, huh?” she added, authentically testing you.


Aw, Kellyn! Shut the fuck up!


“No seriously, it’s like a weeping willow or a black sheep’s wool or a dandelion,” said Kellyn, comparing you to a tree, a farm animal, and a dying flower, respectively. “I can’t even describe it!”



“It’s just so beautiful and curly and unique!” she added.


Oh Kellyn, you could’ve just stuck to those words, you cute idiot! You know, ones you’d use to describe anyone else’s hair!