Wow! This Woman Wrote Her Second Journal Entry Six Months After The First One

Late Wednesday evening, Mikayla Lewis of Berkeley, California sat alone in her bedroom and inspired us all with her second ever journal entry.


The long-awaited second entry comes a full six months after the first.


“Hey Journal!! I’m finally back again! Whoops, it’s been awhile!” the second entry began, referencing the hiatus Mikayla took in recording her life.


Her first journal entry had left readers on tenterhooks for months.


“So excited to start journaling! See you tomorrow! Love, Mikayla,” the preceding entry read. The next day, there was nothing but the silence of a blank, abandoned page.


The subsequent entry began with a quick recap of events that occurred between the first and second entries.


“Life has been pretty mellow! I’ve just been hanging out with friends and going to school. Oh yeah, and I decided to change my major from economics to art history, break up with Todd because he’s a cheating asshole, and start an etsy store,” the second entry read, detailing some of the few major life decisions Lewis failed to record as they were happening.


Mikayla took some time to talk to us about why she’s getting back into journaling and the positive effects it has on her life.


“I’m just trying to focus on like, mindfulness and self-care, you know? I will definitely be journaling more regularly,” Mikayla said, placing her journal on her nightstand, where it is predicted to rest undisturbed for up to two years.


We stan a true Mindfulness Queen!


Lewis also talked to us about the feeling of pride she has experienced after writing her second journal entry.



“I’m just really happy to be investing time in myself, and I couldn’t be more excited to get in touch with the real me,” Mikayla said, shortly after scribbling out her second entry in less than five minutes.


Readers are looking forward to her third entry, which sources report will likely be published a year from now in a journal Lewis impulse-buys from a Paper Source even though the current one only has three pages filled.