Aw! Boyfriend Explaining How to Torrent as if That’s Not His One Job

In an adorable story coming out of Los Angeles, CA, your boyfriend is explaining how to torrent TV shows and movies like it’s not the one and only thing that he’s solely responsible for in the relationship.


“I asked my boyfriend Brian if he wanted to watch Minions: The Rise of Gru, but it was $28 dollars on every streaming platform,” you told reporters. “But instead of him just going onto his computer and pulling up the movie out of thin air somehow, he actually tried to get me to look at the screen and show me exactly how he was doing it.”


“I always knew he was cute,” you continued. “But I didn’t know he could be so hilarious!”


When asked about his perspective on the situation, your amusing little boyfriend tried to play coy.


“I wasn’t trying to be funny or cute when I was teaching her how to torrent,” Brian said. “I think it’s something that everyone should learn how to do, because it’s just so useful.”


Can you believe this guy? So silly!


According to reports, while he was explaining how to get the movie with software or something, you stared at him blankly without retaining any information whatsoever.



“I actually tried to listen at first,” you said. “But all I heard was ‘So basically what you’re gonna do is–’ before I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear him anymore. He’s just so precious, isn’t he?”


We couldn’t agree more!


Witnesses report that despite all your laughter and aww’s, your boyfriend even tried to show you how to get a VPN, whatever that means.


“That’s where I had to draw the line,” you said. “I couldn’t handle the cuteness!”


“She told me to ‘stop with the jokes already and get back to work,’” Brian said. “So at that point, I just gave up and downloaded it myself. She obviously didn’t want to learn.”


Okay, this man plays way too much!


At press time, you asked your boyfriend to come over so you could watch Jurassic World illegally.