Boyfriend Misses Subtle Jab at His Listening Skills  

In a developing story, it appears that boyfriend Kellen Griswold has missed yet another one of his girlfriend’s subtle jabs at his ability to listen to her for any length of time.


“I told Kellen that he listened as well as Beethoven after his 30th birthday,” said girlfriend Janie Fisher. “And he said ‘hm’, and then when I asked him if he heard me, he said, ‘haha’.”


“I just called him out to his face and he just kept on watching the television like nothing had happened,” Janie said. “And when I told him I was going to grab a knife and murder him, he was just like, ‘K’.”



Kellen, who can somehow hear everything his Fortnite competitors across the globe have to say but is functionally unable to hear anything that comes out of his girlfriend’s mouth, seems to be unaware of the issue.


“Wait, when did Janie take a dig at my listening skills?” he asked. “She hasn’t said anything to me in, like, three hours.”


“Oh wait, now that you mention it, she did say something about my 30th birthday,” he added. “Or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening to her.”