Friend Who Texted ‘I’m Just Seeing This Now!’ Awarded Pulitzer Prize In Fiction

Graduate student Julia Morrow has been named winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in fiction after writing one of the most stunningly creative works of fiction of the century so far, in a text that shook readers to their core in its incredible display of creativity.


I’m Just Seeing This Now is an exploration into how deeply a work of fiction can both entertain and offend,” says Amy Gonzalez, one of the first recipients of the text. “At first we were shocked at Morrow’s work of brazen fantasy, since we all knew the real Julia had definitely read the previous text, but I came to appreciate what this work says about the difference between fact and fiction in Trump’s America today.”


“There was definitely a read receipt on the preceding text in the thread,” says another person on the thread. “But if anything, it only adds to the power of this incredible work of fiction.”


“It was something that truly came from my heart,” says Morrow about her work. “Someone in our group thread had asked if they could borrow anybody’s car for the weekend, and I knew, deep down, that the only way to get out of this without looking like a jerk was to tell a story that is so universal, so relatable so specific to my life and my generation, and also definitely not true.”


“It was undeniably the most compelling work of fiction we’ve seen,” says one member of the Pulitzer committee. “We were all so taken in by the main character, who was so real yet so completely full of shit.”


Morrow has been known for other well-regarded works of fiction, such as “Sorry I can’t make it, I’m super bogged down at work” and “Oops I totally fell asleep. Is this still happening?”