Aspiring Writer? Emily’s Caption Requires The ‘More’ Button

Some people start their writing careers by getting English degrees, some even self-publish their way to notoriety. But Emily Barnett broke down all barriers: This aspiring writer proved just how prolific she is by writing an Instagram caption that requires the “more” button.


“I just felt like a short quip or joke about the picture I posted wouldn’t do it justice,” said Emily. “An image that profound begs to be accompanied by the full story behind it.”


Okay, Sylvia Plath!


Emily went on to describe her unconventional entry into the literati.


“I suppose I wasn’t really trying to make my way into the world of writing professionally,” said Emily. “But my talent got ahead of me, and I’ve just gone with the flow ever since.”


Today it’s just a verbose Instagram caption, but tomorrow it might be the Iowa Writers’ Workshop for Emily!


“I don’t know much about writing, but I know Emily does a lot of it on Instagram,” said distant friend Portia Delaney. “She must be a writer or something, cause I don’t know why anybody else would put in that much effort on an image-sharing platform.”



“To be fair, though, I don’t read very much,” added Portia.


For Emily, this is the first step on her path to writing success.


“Sometimes, in life, opportunities just find you,” said Emily. “I never thought I’d be a writer, but if the shoe fits, I’m certainly gonna wear it.”


“Might have to change my last name to Dickinson,” she added.


Don’t say that out loud in Amherst, MA, Emily!