Apple Unveils Emoji of Woman Wearing Unplugged Headphones So Men Won’t Talk to Her

iPhone users around the globe got some exciting news today: Among the new features included in the latest emoji keyboard upgrade is one of a woman wearing headphones connected to nothing, just so men won’t talk to her.


Andrea Lang, who headed the design team behind Woman Wearing Unplugged Headphones, weighed in on the addition to Apple’s emoji keyboard.


“At Apple, we’re always trying to communicate and represent more situations and perspectives on the female experience,” said Lang. “That’s why I made Shrugging Woman, Facepalm Woman, and No Thank You! Woman. I think Woman Wearing Unplugged Headphones So Men Won’t Talk To Her was just a natural extension of that story.”


Women crafting a quick text can now say more with less by pairing the new emoji next to any number of male emojis they may be avoiding, such as Walking Man, French Artist Man, and Man With His Twin Sons.


The positive response to the recent addition has been overwhelming.


“This emoji has really changed the game,” said Liza duCille. “Today I asked my girlfriend what she was up to and she sent back Woman Wearing Unplugged Headphones next to a subway emoji and Man With Blonde Mustache. Instantly I knew what was going on.”



While at first glance the emoji may be mistaken for a woman simply listening to music, with a closer look the attentive viewer will notice her bare headphone jack plugged into nothing and her fixed, steely gaze that suggests she is avoiding eye contact at all costs.


“I feel really seen knowing there’s an emoji that represents my desire to not speak to male strangers in public,” added duCille.


Also included in the pack of new emojis are seven new kinds of trains.