5 Rainy Day Activities to Do With Your Toddler After Your Nanny is Deported

We’ve all been there: It’s raining and you’re stuck at home with your toddler again because President Donald Trump deported your amazing, loving nanny Rosa back to Mexico. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep your kids occupied and their minds off the crippling sadness of losing their main caregiver!


Build a pillow fort.

Grab some extra pillows from the bed and turn the dining room table into an underground cave for your little ones. Let them hide in their own little world and dream about Rosa’s new adventure in a country she hasn’t lived in for 30 years. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!


Take a bath.

A regular bath can be turned into an oasis of fun with just a few toys from the dollar store and bubbles! Unfortunately, Rosa had to leave so quickly she was unable to show you where in the garage she neatly stored all of extra duckies and bubble bath. At least the warm bath will calm your child’s frayed nerves after seeing Rosa break down in sobs.


Make a mural.

A couple of extra cardboard boxes can be cut up and taped together to make a large canvas for a blank wall in your home. Grab some paint, crayons, stickers, and markers and let your child’s imagination run wild! He might not ever see the woman who was like a second mother to him, but maybe drawing large-scale pictures of her on a cardboard canvas will be therapeutic. Also, they’ll love getting messy!


Bake cookies.

Kiddos love to help out in the kitchen! It’s not quite as much fun to use the store-bought cookie dough, but unlike Rosa, you don’t have a talent for baking. Your dear one might complain that “these taste like chemicals” and “Rosa’s tasted so much better” but just remind him that this is the best you can do right now.



Make a puppet show.

With an old shoebox as a stage and your child’s favorite stuffed animals you can turn playtime into puppet time! Have your little guy act out scenes from his favorite books while you call the immigration office to make sure that Rosa’s American-born teenage children found somewhere to live.


Rainy days can seem long, as do all days now that you are without your child’s beloved caregiver. So see if you can try to lighten the mood with these fun activities.