Absolutely Everything Riding on Delivery Meal Being Good

In recent news, everything in your life has been hanging by a single thread, and that thread is the Taco Bell you ordered off of Uber Eats being good tonight.


Everything else has fallen apart, and you just really need this right now.


The order is not complicated at all: a black bean quesalupa, fiesta potatoes, and a sprite on the side. However, the possibilities for disappointment are endless. And with your career life being unflinchingly stagnant, your relationship suffering from months of non-communication, and most of your social circle having moved out of the city or being huge flakes, you just really need this to come through right now.


You really need a win right now, even if that win is the $25 you just spent on a fast-food delivery meal meeting the bare minimum expectations. A soggy tortilla, a canceled order, a driver who lets your drink explode… it’s just all too much to bear right now. For once, this just needs to happen the way you’d like it to.


Uber Eats is fully in charge of your happiness now.



Your life used to be fulfilling, and not entirely dependent on the outcome of a lazy delivery order being good. You used to have things to look forward to, like vacations and exciting dates and going out with friends. But a year of isolation and physical distance from everyone who was once in your life has made moments of joy sparse.


You just really really, really need this to be good.


Unfortunately, the chances are not on your side, and Taco Bell got your order wrong, those bastards. Holding a beef quesalupa you can’t eat because you’re vegetarian, you question whether there is hope for anything at all anymore. Maybe, just maybe, if you reorder things will work out this time…