7 Maxi Skirts That Make You Look Like You’re Proctoring the SATs

Standardized test season is right around the corner! With the revival of maxi skirts, dressing like an SAT test proctor is hotter than ever. You may not actually be a teacher, but you’ll be the talk of the teacher’s lounge in these floor-length skirts that say “pencils down, aspirations up!”


1. Still Into You Denim Maxi (Free People, $148)Still Into You Denim Maxi (Free People)

Hang on a sec, sine and cosine, we’re about to go on a tangent about how great this skirt is! A good denim maxi skirt shows off your style and would also keep you cool for the three hours (plus 50 minutes for the optional essay) it would take you to proctor a test. Get the look without the effort of actual proctoring with this skirt!









2. Latter to Love Skirt (Free People, $228)Latter to Love Skirt (Free People)

Surprise! College Board added a fourth section to the SAT this year—they’ll also be testing on fashion sense! No problem for teachers wearing this flowy number, or for you, theoretically, who is not a proctor but wants to look like one for reasons that are unclear to everyone. Expect a perfect 2400 score for this look!









3. ‘Katie’ Floral Print Skirt (Milly, $750)'Katie' Floral Print Skirt (Milly)

This proctor skirt is no gamble… it’s a sure thing! On real teachers, this impressionist print will remind students that they should also be studying for that AP Art History test next month. On you, it’ll make people think you are somehow involved in arts, education, and test proctoring. How do you do it? Secret: You don’t!









4. Stretch Crepe Maxi Skirt (James Perse, $295)Stretch Crepe Maxi Skirt (James Perse)

This sexy stretch maxi lets the world know that those legs are probably wearing support hose to help with circulation after being on your feet all day! An A-line skirt in a neutral color does double duty, airing out your downstairs without giving those randy teens any ideas. This functionality will have people swearing you’re a test proctor!








5. ‘Uccio’ Plissé Maxi Skirt (Max Mara, $695)‘Uccio’ Plissé Maxi Skirt (Max Mara)

This is no safety skirt; this is the Ivy League of skirts. In this showstopper, an exam proctor would be more than ready for snack breaks and supervised bathroom trips. Even though that’s not your job, you’ll never be more than one standard deviation away from looking correct!









6. Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Maxi Skirt (Loft, $59.50)Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Maxi Skirt (Loft)

Look sharper than a No. 2 pencil in this smart casual skirt. Those exposed seams scream, “Show your work!” to passersby, who will assume you proctor SATs at your local high school. It’s as obvious a choice as using C to plug into math problems to eliminate options and save valuable test-taking time! WERK!









7. Southwestern Chevron Stripe Maxi Skirt (Express, $59.90)Southwestern Chevron Stripe Maxi Skirt

You don’t have to be Pythagoras to see that the festive colors and unbeatable price of this skirt make a lot of sense for a wannabe test proctor. Plus the floor-skimming hem would look great sweeping dust bunnies up from the gymnasium floor for people who proctor for real.








The SATs can be hard. Luckily, looking like you proctor them isn’t! Here’s a new quadratic equation to memorize: y = mx + b, where m is your ho-hum daywear, x is you, and b is a maxi skirt. Now solve for y: your new rocking style!