7 Easy DIY Ideas for Your Own Funeral!

DIY Funeral

Are you a DIY maven who might be dead soon? Don’t let your death get in the way of throwing one last tragically hip party! Here’s how to curate your funeral in the most unique and charming way with some creative personal touches:

1. Look Great, Ethically and Organically: Create Your Own “Em-balm”

You’ve lived a beautiful, holistic life. Don’t ruin your death with a lot of nasty chemicals. Create your own embalming fluid and stave off decay using only raw, natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and beeswax. Your guests will be so amazed with how your skin looks, they may not believe you’re dead!

2. Old World Charm: Build Your Own Coffin

You might be dead, but how precious will you look in a coffin made of up-cycled wood from an 18th century barn? Line the insides with burlap for a casual rustic look.

3. Location, Location, Location: Go Somewhere Unexpected.

Don’t hold your funeral in a boring old funeral parlor. Get creative with location. People may forget about you, but they will definitely remember your vintage bowling alley themed funeral!


4. Go Natural: Pick Your Own Wildflowers

Traditional floral arrangements are so Aunt Mildred (RIP). Send some of your living relatives to pick up some Whole Foods’ fresh flowers for sprinkling over your corpse (if it’s warm out and you’re on a budget, they may want to try nearby fields for wildflowers). Make sure they tuck a few behind your ears and between your legs to keep you smelling fresh.

5. Curate Your Own Playlist

Pull out the vinyl and show your friends what great taste you had in music. Take care to choose songs with high emotional stakes (power ballads and haunting Irish folk-songs are always a slam dunk).

6. Rent a Photobooth

Thank your guests for attending with some sassy keepsake photos. Don’t forget to provide them with creative props for silly pictures (DIY prop ideas: neon sunglasses, Kleenex, oversized cardboard cut outs of you with the eyes crossed out).

7. Chisel Your Own Headstone

Your headstone should make a statement. After you finish your final Pinterest board of the shapes and phrases that inspire you, get to work carving. Experiment and have fun with it. Bonus points for incorporating a self-portrait!
Get started on these funeral DIY ideas right away. You never know when you might die!