5 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Just a Little Bit More Open

You might think you’re hot, but did you know that you have the potential to be even hotter with one crazy simple trick? You totally have a mouth, right? Well, by just dropping it open just a few centimeters and letting that jaw hang, you can reach your full hotness potential! Read on for some easy tips to achieve the alluring slightly open jaw we all crave.


Think Of Shocking Facts

Did you know Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire? Or that ants practice slavery? Your probably didn’t and both of those facts probably made your jaw drop just slightly open! Knowledge doesn’t just have to be for smarts, it can also be the key to a mouth that is incrementally more open than it used to be! Sexy!


Never Stop Screaming

This one’s easy: Every time you’re not speaking, scream a little scream. Yep, it’s that simple! The best part is, the world is so full of misery and injustice that there are literally endless things to scream about—in fact, you’d be a total ding-a-ling to ever stop screaming just a little bit! By screaming at a low, constant level for the rest of your days, you can be a total babe!


Do The Pelican

If you ask women which animal they want to resemble, they probably will say things like “a graceful gazelle”, “an innocent doe”, or “a sensual cat”. These are all wrong. You want to be the pelican, which is your new #stylegoals when it comes to keeping that mouth way open. Pelicans have a distinctive throat pouch to store small fish in, so take a cue and toss a few anchovies in your gullet. Then watch it widen it to your heart’s content. Instant glam!



Prop It Open With Two Matchsticks

Some days are just ponytail days, you know? For those simple, laid-back days, wedge two matchsticks between your upper and lower jaw—they’ll prop your mouth open and do all the work for you! It’s a total win for all the lazy girls out there (no shame!). Make sure to have some mints on you—dry mouths smell disgusting!


Cram a Fist In There

So you’ve mastered red lipstick and are now looking for the next big thing in bold beauty? Look no further than this next tip: Cram a fist into your mouth! Don’t let the size of your jaw discourage you, the important thing is that dislocating it is perfectly safe and that your mouth is o-p-e-n!


With these tips, you’ll be slightly hotter than you’d be with your mouth closed. Opening your mouth at all times is an easy fun way to up your hotness quotient and also just enjoy the gifts of an open mouth!