5 Snacks To Tide You Over When You’re Craving The Taste of Cum

Despite your best efforts to stay full throughout the day, sometimes you do get hungry. For cum! Every woman ever has loved and still loves the taste of cum. Sometimes your cravings for cum get intense, but don’t worry, load lovers! Here are five snacks to tide you over when you’re desperately craving the scrumptious taste of dick hole excretions.


A Handful of Pistachios

These fan-favorite nuts are flavorful, filling and best of all will curb your insatiable craving for some afternoon delight! The activity of de-shelling your pistachios will keep you busy until you can lock down some more of those tasty spermies!


Apple with Peanut Butter

Even though your mid-morning snack usually consists of all that yummy cum, give an apple with peanut butter a try! It may not be as fresh as your dude’s stuff, but this other protein-packed snack will give you the energy you need to get through the workday. That is, until you can munch on some more penis drool!


Bagel Chips

Cut a bagel in half and bake each side in the oven for 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Make sure you stand right in front of the oven while you’re baking and focus all your energy on the bagel—it will stop you from running outside and screaming, “I NEED EJACULATE!!” while pointing at your hungry, hungry mouth.


Pomegranate Seeds

This snack is for those of you who have to get through a WHOLE DAY without swallowing splooge. Slice a pomegranate in half, and eat the seeds out with a toothpick one by one. This snack will take you probably all day to finish. Your pomegranate distraction will keep you going until you can finally get your mouth on nature’s other, better cock nectar!!



H2O With A Lime Wedge

We all know human women aren’t hydrated unless they’ve had their two liters of spunk every day, but a glass of H2O can sometimes help to temporarily hydrate you. Add a lime for taste, even though it will never come close to the delectable flavors of your man’s penis barf. You’ll just have to wait for a real live penis to grace you with some reject spermatozoa!


Of course, if you’re really craving man cum, we get it. So stop reading, and go find some dick snot now!!!