5 Ivy Park Outfits That Will Make Your Relatives Ask if You Hate the Police

From her controversial performance at the Super Bowl to her newest album, Beyoncé does it all! And as if she hadn’t accomplished enough, the mega popstar has now ventured into the world of fashion with her new athleisure clothing line, Ivy Park. Here are our five favorite outfits that you can wear back at home that will prompt your relatives to ask, “Do you hate law enforcement?”



Sleeveless Logo Body ($50)

This fashion-forward casual piece exudes a distinct basketball-inspired vibe that’s perfect for an afternoon workout session. This piece will have your friends complimenting your style and your Aunt Carol asking you why you don’t think “blue lives matter.”



Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt ($45)

Ivy Park’s Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt is an effortless style option that will inspire your mom’s side of the family to effortlessly accuse you of “reverse racism.” When you try to explain that reverse racism isn’t a thing, this sweatshirt will surely inspire Grandpa to shout at you for “not respecting authority.” Amazing!




Logo Crew Neck Tee ($26)

Elevate your casual style game with this Ivy Park Logo Crew Neck Tee. Wear this shirt for a gym selfie and post it to Facebook, and you’re sure to get some impassioned comments from aunts and uncles worried about the liberal media’s influence on you! You’re gonna have to leave the gym early to respond to these long-winded direct messages!



Long Sleeve Wrap Back Jacket ($150)

Turn heads at your sister’s graduation party with this Ivy Park Long Sleeve Wrap Back Jacket. The shower proof fabric and reflective binding will provide a great conversation starter concerning your hate for the men and women who work so hard to protect our country! You’re a disgrace!



Full Leg Logo Leggings – Black ($42)

Versatile, casual, and above all fashionable, Ivy Park’s Full Leg Logo Leggings are the perfect option for just about any setting! Whether you’re going out for a morning jog or just attending to some housework, your grandma will find some way to connect Beyoncé’s powerful messages about race and femininity to something vaguely anti-police. Just keep telling yourself she doesn’t know any better!

There you have it, our five favorite Ivy Park items! Prepare to be the envy of all your friends, and the enemy of your entire extended family!