Fun Feta Recipes That Will Make You Forget You Had an Affair

One thing led to another and you’ve fallen for someone who isn’t your husband. Oops! You feel so sooo bad, but there’s one thing that can make you feel better—food. Unforch, in addition to not cheating on your husband, you’re also trying not to cheat on your diet. Luckily, there’s a fun way to mix up your meals without compromising either of your values: Feta! Here are a few fun Feta Recipes to help you forget all about it.


Greek Salad

This greek salad is so zesty it’ll have you saying, “I can hardly remember all the lies I told!”


Crumbled feta
Torn head of lettuce
Handful of olives
One tomato (juicy and at its peak even if no one at home notices)

Oil and vinegar (they seem like they shouldn’t mix but they do and the results are so tangy!)

Toss all ingredients a bowl. Don’t have sex with Bob again.



Orzo Salad

Your marriage was so happy. Orzo you thought…

Boil this rice-shaped pasta in salted water (salty like hot sweat on a breezy night), then just add yesterday’s Greek salad! This dish prepares so quickly, your husband will never ask, “Where have you been all evening?”



It sounds like spanking. You feel alive again, if only for a brief moment.

Take some feta and spinach and bake it in filo pastry blanket in a hot, hot oven until you, I mean it, can’t take it anymore. This is what a loving wife would make, right?


Shish Kebab

More like, “Shhh, don’t think about Bob,” am I right!


Feta Cubes

Green pepper slices

Artichoke hearts

Pierce all ingredients with skewers. Throw on the fire like your did your marriage.


And that’s it! Now get back to crumbling that feta and your nuptial vows!