How To Stage A Meet-Cute Even When He Is Reading A Kindle

So there he is, sitting on the C train, focused ever so intensely on his reading. Normally, you’d ask about his favorite line from that Joyce novel, or for how long he’d been tackling Infinite Jest, or even just wait till later to post “w4m Oscar Wao Guy on the C Train”. Here’s the thing: He has the new Kindle Fire, and you have absolutely no clue what book he is reading. We’ve got your back! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have yourself a modern meet-cute in no time.


Bump into his Kindle Fire.

Since you can’t read the title on a book cover, don’t be afraid to just get right up in there and bump his shoulder in a cute way! Leverage this as an opportunity to see what he’s reading and start a conversation, even if he is mildly injured from the impact. Nothing’s wrong with taking the old-fashioned route!


Pull out your own Kindle Fire.

The closest thing to reading the same book as him is having the same Kindle. Show him that you are a serious reader and that you made a similar investment in reading technology. Using your gaze in a casual but consistent way here is key: simply waft your eyes back and forth between your Kindles Fire as if to say, “Wow, we both have a Kindle Fire.” If you notice him looking up for even a second, you want to make sure he locks eyes with yours right away.


Drop your Kindle Fire.

If that “special moment” still seems to be eluding you, you’ll need to move on to more drastic measures. Take your Kindle Fire and just drop it right on the ground. More often than not, he will hear the noise and reach down to get it for you. Make sure to reach down at the same time to ensure that your hands touch “accidentally”. Talk about kindling a fire!


Light his Kindle Fire on fire.

Nothing endears a man like being an adorable klutz. When you’ve reached a point of certain desperation, take out some lighter fluid and matches and just accidentally set his whole reading apparatus on fire. While certainly serving as a visual cue for him to look up from his book, he may even be willing to aid in extinguishing the flame. This moment of near danger will inevitably bring you two together in a totally organic and romantic way. Meet, consider yourself cute!


There you have it: a complete disaster plan for when a pesky e-book gets in the way of your everyday rom-com. Happy reading and happy meeting!