5 Other Ways to ‘Chill’ if Netflix Isn’t Available in Your Country

Not every country in the world is able to enjoy the same privileges as we do here in America. For example, people in China, India, Spain, and Italy don’t have the luxury of hooking up to the unlimited droning of Netflix (among other prevalent world issues, but we’re not the UN). If Netflix isn’t available in your country, here are six alternate modes of entertainment that are perfect for feigning 20 minutes of interest till you give bae that Knowing Look:


YouTube and Chill

Since you can’t stream thrillers of gruesome basement murders, YouTube has a great collection of basement-dwelling dudes commentating on video games that most likely feature a ton of murders—the next best thing to get your in the mood to snuggle intos your guy. YouTube also has many lyric videos accidentally chopped short, so maybe this time your boyfriend can make it to the end of Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash Into Me” without crying. Stay away from the comment section. It’s not chill.


Kindle and Chill

Fire up “chilling” with your lover with the world’s favorite e-reader. Since this is really just a quick prelude to chilling, make sure you choose David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest or any other books you said you’d finish but weren’t really planning on getting through anyway. This activity is also the perfect excuse to text an old flame: “Kindle and Rekindle?”


Alibaba and Chill

China may block major social media and streaming services, but it definitely won’t cockblock an evening with your casual fling! Alibaba—the Amazon.com of China—is the largest collection of consumer goods you can aimlessly peruse till one of you is brave enough to initiate sex. And since your shopping session turns inactive after 20 minutes, it’s perfect for those not looking to commit to anything right now.



Chill and Chill

Russia, Iceland, and Baltic regions may not have Netflix but they certainly have unlimited venues of chilling. With temperatures dipping as low as the -40s, you and your bae definitely don’t need Netflix to chill. So next time you two are hanging out, make sure to crank up the heaters, bundle up in blankets, and instead of Netflix and Chill, go for Vodka and Trying Not to Freeze to Death. Relaxing!


Hacking Into American Servers to Illegally Stream Netflix and Chill

Every girl loves a knight in shining armor, especially one who will infiltrate innumerable cyber loopholes just to unlawfully stream white noise while you two pork. If you choose this activity, make sure to use protection—for your IP address! And if the two of you do end up in jail, it’s going to be nothing like Orange Is the New Black, which you hear is really great.


So don’t worry if Netflix isn’t available in your country! With the options above, you can be sure you aren’t missing out on that sweet no-strings hookup of your dreams.