How To Turn That Period Stain Into a Meet-Cute

Instead of seeing it as your monthly curse, look at your period as an opportunity – a dating opportunity! Turning your red wedding into a white wedding isn’t easy, but here are a few tips straight out of Hollywood to help you turn that gross period stain into an adorable meet-cute!


The Ol’ “Whoops I Dropped My Tampons!”

The key to attraction starts with distraction. You’ll want the right accessories to play off the quirky girl vibe. Don’t worry, this Duane Reade hottie won’t even notice Aunt Flo is destroying your jeans as tampons glide through the air and you dive into his arms. You’ll catch a lot more than just that box of Tampax Pearl Unscenteds – you’ll catch the love bug! Blood might be pooling in your panties, but he can’t get over just how clumsy and adorkable you are.


Your Classic “On The Rag” Charm

You’ve wanted to get in Jake’s pants for months, but he’s so old-fashioned and you’re just so brash! This will go against everything you’ve been told, but play up your sarcasm and wit. It isn’t proper, but you’ll definitely be more than friends when you blurt out, “I’ll wear what he’s wearing!” Cause of all the blood!



The “I’m So Serious, You’ll Want to Take Me Down a Peg” Scam

Get him to notice you and your period by acting like you don’t want him to notice. Compete with him for a promotion while bleeding, or wear your hair too tight while bleeding. He’ll be so delighted to point out your gross period stain to all the big wigs on the board, he won’t realize until it’s too late how bad he feels about you.


The “If It Bleeds, It Leads” Saying

Friday the 13th + Fifty Shades of Grey = 63 Shades of Period Blood Red. Like a woman, you forgot it was your period and you’re stuck in the woods without a pad in sight. Now that you’ve set the scene for a gory horror film, he can try his best to save you from the massacre happening in your pants. Next time you realize your getting your period, just start screaming bloody murder. It’ll be scary for the both of you!


While it may seem like the end, your period could be punctuating the beginning of something new! Now go out there and make the jump from “supportive best friend” to “leading lady in red”!