Doctors Recommend at Least 6-8 Hours of Not Crying Per Day

Reductress - Crying White Woman

Researchers at Yale-New Haven Hospital have found that 6-8 hours of not crying a day has many surprising health benefits. “We found women function at their best when they don’t cry for at least 6 to 8 hours,” said Dr. Marjorie Reed. “As a woman, it’s normal to want to cry, but it’s important to recognize the benefits of not crying as well.”


“The amount of crying you need is significantly less than the amount of crying we think we need,” adds Dr. Josephine Parsons. “Spending more than two-thirds of your day crying can have significant effects on day-to-day life and can lead to many long-term health problems.”


The study found that too much crying lead to fatigue, reduced creativity, stress, a decreased immune system, memory problems, weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes, poor sex drive, difficulty making decisions,, and strained relationships.



Both Dr. Reed and Dr. Parsons agree that if women decrease their crying to a maximum of 18 hours a day, they will see immediate health benefits, including more energy, healthier skin, and increased productivity.


“At first my kids didn’t even recognize my face because they were so used to seeing it contorted due to my constant crying,” says Jessica Davis, after applying a strict no-crying routine to her day. “But now they have even started calling me ‘Mommy’ again, instead of ‘Sad Lady Crying with a Broom.’”


“It’s perfectly normal to feel weepy in a board meeting, or the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru,” says Parsons. “But it’s important to ask yourself, ‘Do I even know what I’m crying about anymore?’ If you don’t, it’s time to change your priorities.”