5 Easy-to-Grow Fresh Herbs to Let Rot on Your Windowsill All Summer

Ah, the freshness of summer! Vibrant smells, colors, and sounds surround you every day. And this summer you’re determined to finally start a small herb garden in your kitchenette! If you’re thinking about growing some fresh herbs on your windowsill, here are some of the easiest to herbs to let wither into brown, shriveled strands. Yum!



This fragrant and unique herb is found in a large variety of cuisines, most handily in Mexican and Vietnamese recipes. Some people think it tastes like soap, but those people aren’t evolved enough to have their own gardens, so no worries! You can eat the leaves, the stems, and the seeds, and it can be harvested all summer long. Or never, since you’re likely going to abandon it to rot on your windowsill for months and months.



Parsley does not need much light to grow, so you can add this subtle, low-maintenance herb to bring rich dishes to life instantly! Unfortunately, even low-maintenance herbs will probably be dead since you neglected it from day one.



Mint is a classic herb that provides flavor for all of the world’s most favorite things. Mint grows like a weed, so you’ll need some space to get it growing fully, but once it starts up you’ll have more mint than you can handle! Or, more realistically, you’ll use it once in some tea and slowly let it die before your very eyes. Mmm, minty!




Chives are used in many savory dishes as a way to build a complex flavor profile, and are easily grown in a small pot with access to abundant sunlight. Chives also grow beautiful flowers along with the tasty stems, both of which will decay into pointy, pointless windowsill obstructions that will make your neighbors wonder if you’re doing okay. You’re a terrible plant parent and we’re worried about you.



Basil is one of the best smelling herbs to grow, and quite delicious in a variety of recipes. However, it can be quite the challenge, so additional care is required, so maybe this isn’t for you. But maybe it is? Why not give it a try and then regret it five months from now and let us know how it goes?


Any one of these fresh herbs will add depth of flavor to your cooking and give you a new appreciation for quality ingredients, should you choose to let them live… which you probably won’t. Nobody can say that you didn’t try!