4 Important Nutrition Tips That Bethany is Probably Making Up As She Speaks

Maintaining a healthy body can be tough, especially when you have nutrition tips flying at you from every direction. That’s why it’s great to have nutrition-focused friends like Bethany to give you helpful tips for your eating habits, even if she might just be making them up as she speaks. Here are the most important nutrition tips Bethany is probably just making up as she goes.


NEVER eat tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a nightshade vegetable and nightshades are inflammatory. That’s a fact Bethany learned reading an unsourced article about Tom Brady’s eating habits that Tom Brady probably got from even more unverified sources. So never eat tomatoes, because your body will be inflamed which distracts your body from properly digesting the food. Tom Brady’s article doesn’t say that, but Bethany used her extensive knowledge from having read another article about tomatoes, and she put two and two together so just trust her cause this sounds pretty correct.


Don’t drink water during meals.

Drinking water while eating is actually harmful to your digestion. Or at least that’s what Bethany just said she saw on Dr. Oz, so she’s probably right. She also knows because she tried it yesterday and she, “kind of felt better.” So take that tip and then think to yourself: What are the chances Bethany was just kind of saying a bunch of words that she just really wants to be true? Does it really matter if you’re going to try it either way?



Instead of eating 5 small meals a day, eat 1 small bite every 8 minutes.

Everyone knows key to weight loss is keeping a steady metabolism. So if five small meals is better than three large meals, then one small bite every eight minutes is even better! Bethany is pretty sure about this one so hey, just run with it!


Salad dressing is bad for you!

Unfortunately Bethany is totally right about this one. Sorry.


Nutrition is complicated, but it’ll be much simpler once you just let Bethany make up whatever sounds like it sort of makes sense!