3 Solo Getaways We Think Would Be Really Good For You

Things have been super hard since your breakup eight months ago, and it’s time to take that journey back to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence with an amazing solo getaway, just for you, girl! The girls and I were talking, and we think you could use some “you” time. Here are three solo getaways we think would be really good for you. Without us. Just you.


Colonial Williamsburg

Think about how healing it would be to walk around the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, remembering how our country’s founders fought for our freedoms and how big their problems were compared to yours. We think this trip would be really good for you to gain some perspective and come back ready to cast off the rusted chains of your recent past. We can’t wait to hear about it when you get back. But not before. Trip time is alone time and you really need this!!


Pacific Coast Trail

Remember in Wild how the lady goes on the hike and throws her shoes off the mountain and then all her problems go away? That could be you! You’ve been saying you want to take up hiking, and what better place to do it than the place that cured the lady from Wild? We think a solo hiking adventure will let you clear your head and finally put this Nick stuff to rest. We’re not rushing you or anything. Like take your time. But also maybe it’s time to let him go? But also take your time! Honestly, honey, we’re jealous we can’t go on this incredible trip with you. But we can’t. Because that’s not how that lady finally got fixed in Wild. And we want you to get fixed. We mean, we want this trip to be really good for you.



Solo Staycation!

If you don’t feel up to taking a big trip, we think a staycation could also do the trick. Light some candles, take a bath, eat tasty foods, and curl up with a good book. Just treat yourself, you know? We think even taking the time to make small choices on your own will be sooooo good for you. Oh, also turn off your phone and email and stuff. Not that we don’t want to talk to you for a few days. We just think going technology-free for a little bit would do you wonders. This is about YOU, remember? Don’t make it about us. We’re SO happy for you.


We think any of these trips would be so good for you. If you need anything, we’ll be on a group trip in Cabo. Because that’s what we thought would be really good for us. Love ya!