4 Girl Bosses Who Are Driven by A Fear of Death

We all admire a hardworking lady who’s killing it in her field, but for many of us, these high-achievers bring up the same question: How do they do it? For a true glimpse into the inner-workings of some seriously badass women look no further than these four girl bosses who are driven by their fear of the inevitability of death!



Thea F. made partner at her entertainment law firm at 34! So what motivates this ambitious queen to always go the extra mile? Mostly the false sense that accumulating wealth, status, and professional accolades will protect her from the inevitable grasp of the great unknown! Keep putting in those late nights, Thea. Maybe you can take it with you! Maybe?



Small business owner Marija N. swears by a plant based diet to keep her energy up on the job, but it’s really the fact that after she dies, and everyone who ever knew her dies, it will be like she never existed and this whole “life” she struggled through, experiencing stress and embarrassment, sadness and anger, was sort of about nothing! At least if Marija’s business is successful enough, something might bear her name after she’s gone from this world. You can sleep when you’re dead, girl!!



This LA-based PR rep hasn’t taken a vacation in years, and while she may exist in a permanent state of stress, her actual work has no personal meaning to her if she really stops to think about it — so she had better not stop! Can Stacey get her clients out of enough scandals to beat death? Time will tell!




Investment banker Lily C. gets ahead by never second-guessing her priorities. “How do I want to be remembered?” Lily says. “As a loyal friend? A loving partner and mother? Everyone thinks that they’re those things; it’s meaningless. Quantifiable achievement is the only honest way to measure your impact.” Build that ego until its immune to introspection, Lil! You’re number one – for this brief, fleeting moment on earth!


So next time you find yourself asking, “What does it all mean?” just don’t! Keep plugging away and don’t look back, because the death is coming for you, and it doesn’t take any days off.