Finger-Knitting Patterns That’ll Keep Your Sneaky Little Digits From Texting an Ex, ‘Hey, How’s Quarantine Treating You?’

Finger knitting is an easy craft – all you need are your hands and some yarn! But best of all, this is an activity that will keep your sneaky little fingies from trying to text your ex to see how they’re doing during quarantine. So find some patterns for the finger knitting projects below, and protect yourself from your itchy texting fingers.


A Plant Hanger

Make a cute hanger for your potted plants so they can hang more decoratively in the sunlight. Best of all, making this will keep your fingers busy so you don’t text Adam, “Thinking of you! Hope you’re well.” Now is NOT the time to accidentally start some shit that you don’t have time and energy for. Keep knitting!


A Trivet

A trivet is very useful for putting your hot pots on the counter now that you’re doing all this quarantine cooking ­– yet another activity to keep you from asking your chaotic ex, Ashley if she’s “hanging in there.” Ashley is definitely not hanging in there and the less you know about it, the better. Keep those fingers occupied before they get you in trouble!


An Infinity Scarf

Do you need an infinity scarf? No. But you do need to not reach out to your ex while you’re both slowly losing your minds. Reigniting that relationship will not end well, least of all for you, so keep your sneaky little fingers safe from texting and make a goddamn scarf as summer approaches.



A Chunky Necklace

We know it’s useless but maybe you can give it to your mom? Just put your phone down and do this. You don’t even have to order yarn. Just pull some old string out of your desk and make something with your finger. You do not need to ask your ex if they’re okay, okay?!


Finger knitting is fun! Or it might be. Either way, it’ll stop your sneaky little fingers from firing off a quick text that could ruin your life. And don’t forget to pass on your new skills to your friends!