4 Empowering Bikini Waxes to Get This Upskirting Season

Sundresses and miniskirts are back, and you know what that means: It’s upskirting season! Every time you walk up the stairs, a creepy man will try to take a picture of your nether regions while you work that new outfit. Here are the most empowering and effective bikini wax styles to show those creeps what’s what!


A Smiley Face!

This spunky design shows upskirting perverts that you’re not letting their weird habits get you down! Kill him with kindness with a smiley face, and he won’t know what hit him! You and your vag will be smiling all day from the satisfaction.


A Hand Flipping the Bird

Nothing says “fuck off” like a hand that says “fuck off!” With an intricate wax that leaves your pubic hair in the shape of a hand giving the middle finger, you’re telling creeps to fuck off. And you didn’t even have to do it with your face, or words!


In the Shape of His Mother’s Profile

Is there a neighborhood creep who frequently attempts to snap your snatch? Hit him where it hurts by finding a picture of his mom (or any old lady) to replicate with your pubic hair! This way, he’ll instantly be reminded that “maybe you’re a person too”—just like his mom. And as a plus you’ll be feeling like a goddamn work of art!



Don’t Do Anything At All

Let your vag go on strike by neglecting waxing altogether! A full bush will obstruct any sicko’s view while also reminding you that you don’t have to change anything about yourself for a man. That’s ultimate empowerment! Confuse the hell out of him and let your girl-down-there shake her hair in the wind.


There you have it! These sassy waxes will send those shitty little shutterbugs fleeing back to the dank, socially inept holes they crawled out of, while you and your freshly shorn vagina feel powerful AF. And remember, when all else fails, a swift kick to the balls can work wonders!