3 Ways to Prevent Chub Rub That Will Work For Like Ten Minutes

You want to enjoy this summer in your fave maxis and minis, but you’re bigger than a size zero and worried about the biggest obstacle to pants-free fun: thigh chafing. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck wearing leggings or jeans on hot and sticky days. Here are three clever ways to prevent that chub rub that will work for like ten minutes before you have to make an adjustment or give up and go home!



Not just for underarms anymore – antiperspirant is a great way to stop that painful chafing! Rub your favorite brand on your inner thighs and you’ll sashay down the street in your cutest midi like the summer goddess you are. Your confidence will radiate for at least five blocks before your sweat from the 100-degree weather melts it all off and you need to find a private place to reapply, lest you look like you have some weird deodorant fetish. There’s that alley on the corner that looks sort of dangerous – or maybe they’ll let you use the bathroom at Starbucks if you buy something? Skirts are fun!


Thigh Bands

Bless the designer who made these for women everywhere! These lacy bands are fitted with elastics and can be slipped right around each of your legs. They’ll fit like a dream all the way from your apartment to the subway before they creep up your thighs, practically crawling into your crotch and making a home in your vagina. You’ll feel comfortable and stylish until you’re picking under your skirt and your friend asks if you’re digging at a wedgie, and you say “yeah” because that’s less embarrassing than the truth, somehow.



Baby Powder

You read that right: This ordinary household item is the perfect go-to chub rub prevention for the girl who’s exhausted all the other options! Sprinkle a little on your inner thighs and head out to the club with your girls in your most extra backless dress and heels. You’ll dance and flirt with cute guys and feel like a queen – at least for about three songs. Then the powder rubs off and creates even more chafing than before, and one of the guys is paying a lot of attention to the white dust on your outfit and wanting you to introduce him to your dealer but you’ll be too busy putting out the painful fire between your legs.


These are the absolute BEST ways to prevent those thighs from getting in the way of your summer fun for at least ten minutes before you realize today’s feels like 110 degrees and decide to just stay home. Have you seen GLOW yet? Why don’t you watch GLOW?