3 Outdated Fashion Mistakes That Will Reveal You as a Time Traveler From the 1600s

What we wear can say a lot about us, including who we are and where we come from. If you’re not careful, your personal style also has the power to say when you come from – which, for you, is the early to mid 17th century. So put down that linen ruff and take care to avoid these fashion mishaps if you don’t want to age yourself and get outed as a time traveler from yesteryear in the process.


Wearing the wrong length of pants.

Rocking capris in any era is going to date you, especially if you’re wearing them in the form of the very full, ungathered breeches favored by Western European men in the 1650s. Try trading them out for some nice boot cut jeans, and consider adhering to the following rule of thumb: no breeches, no pantaloons, and absolutely no gauchos. People will know!


Only dressing in trends.

It can be a hard thing to accept, but woolen cloaks aren’t really in vogue anymore. While, yes, the Cassock had a moment, it was quickly replaced by the Juppe, followed by overcoats, then, eventually, teddy jackets. So take off your mantle because you look grossly Shakespearean. If you want to say “ageless” and “I’m from modern times” – consider sticking with a knitted puffer, or an oversized faux leather trench coat. Those will never go out of style.



Utilizing too many statement accessories.

Wearing too many loud pieces also has the potential to date you, sometimes all the way back to the Scientific Revolution. The pelt of a sable you’re wearing makes you look like you’re from the eighties at least, and I don’t care how many compliments you get on it, your ostrich feather fan is gaudy and it practically screams, “I came here in a time machine.”


So, if you don’t want to clue everyone in to the fact that you’re a centuries-old time traveler taking a little vacation in the present day, leave your bobbin-lace-trimmed coif and partlets in the 1600s, and get with the times! You can bring your petticoat, though – we hear it’s coming back!