3 Intense Workouts That Still Aren’t As Hard As Taking A Sports Bra Off

High-intensity interval training is a great way to burn calories in a short amount of time. If you’re running short on time but want to get in a solid workout, check out our top three HIIT workouts that still won’t burn as many calories as trying to take a sports bra off after you’ve worked out:


Burpee Interval Workout

Stack a set of good old-fashioned push-up burpees to incorporate cardio into this classic compound bodyweight exercise! Do a set of two, four, six, eight, and ten, and then go back down to zero before taking a break. After a few rounds of these, you’ll be sweating and exhausted and you won’t even have gotten to the hardest part yet removing your sweaty sports bra, which will require several breaks and some crying before you finally rip it off.



Jump Rope Intervals

Jump rope is coming back with a vengeance! Try two-minute intervals, alternating between boxer’s jumps, double-unders and criss-crossing to make this full-body workout take your breath away almost as much as reaching behind your back to painstakingly pull a wet sports bra out from under your lumbering, sweat-pooled breasts. Sure, adding a zipper or something would make it easier, but that’s not the point, right? Right??


Resistance Band Circuit

For a huge challenge on your glutes and core, get some high-resistance bands and do monster walks, clamshells and mountain climbers with resistance bands. This will fire up your core and get you warmed up for the big show: bawling on the bathroom floor as the shower runs because you are completely unable to remove your extra-support sports bra, which is either a design flaw or a killer finisher, depending on how you look at it!



Remember, hard work gets results! But be gentle – that thing cost you $50 and you really can’t afford a new one right now.