Youngest Daughter of Six Finally Gets Bree’s Ugg Boots

According to various reports, 17-year-old Kat Scott, the youngest of Rob and Wanda Scott’s six daughters, received Bree’s chestnut-colored Classic Short Ugg boots yesterday afternoon.


Bree, the Scott’s eldest daughter, was given the boots on Christmas morning in 2002, two years after Uggs were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things.


“I wore them every day for four years—around the house, in the summer, to camping trips, concerts, even during a 5K fun run,” notes Bree. “My feet grew a half size and I still wouldn’t give them to Janine.” She only passed on the boots when Janine had to get a rabies shot and they all had to do something nice for her.


“I loved those boots,” says Janine, “but all my friends went emo in 2004, so I couldn’t wear preppy stuff anymore.”


They were then passed on to the third eldest daughter, Lauren, who shared them with Gwen only when she felt like it. Although Kat was only four years old when the boots were new, she recalls coveting them immediately, sometimes sneaking into Bree’s room to wear them after pre-kindergarten.



“In many ways, I feel they’ve always been mine,” said Kat, who hasn’t taken them off since her sister, Lauren, gave them to her while packing up her dorm room.


“I had to duct tape the toes. I only wore them to the laundry room. I think I even used them as a duster once. I was about to throw them in the trash when Kat grabbed them.” Lauren, the second youngest daughter, added.


Although the boots were passed down to all of the Scott sisters, it wasn’t always a sentimental exchange. In 2008, Gwen hit her middle school boyfriend in the eye with the heel of the right boot while watching an episode of Heroes. Since she borrowed them from Lauren on the night of the incident without asking, her official turn with the Uggs was skipped on account of misuse.


“The Uggs were the only things that all six girls insisted on having and they’re all different foot sizes. Are they really that comfortable?” asked their mother, Wanda. “I always thought they were hideous. I called them Sasquatch shoes.”


The boots were originally acquired from a charity auction at Rob Scott’s office during the holidays. Despite the fact that there was a new auction each year after that often landed Scott many popular Christmas gifts, he never managed to receive to same level of enthusiasm from any of his daughters since Bree’s Uggs.


“I got an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii one year and all they’ve ever cared about is some llama-coated footwear,” added Rob. “All I wanted was one son. Just one.”


When questioned about the future of the Scott wardrobe, Kat replied, “I guess I’m just hoping the planet doesn’t get too warm before I get Bree’s Canada Goose Jacket.”