Wow! This Woman Only Puts Herself in Someone Else’s Shoes to Stalk Her Own Instagram

We all know the saying, “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” But Misty Dawkins of Orange County, CA made the brave choice to put herself in the shoes of all kinds of people –wondering what they would think of her whole deal on Instagram.


“First I thought about my old friend from college, who has gone through some really rough times financially,” says Misty. “That’s why I really wanted to imagine how she’d feel about my trip to the Maldives last year and if she thought it was cool or if she hates me.”


Wow, Misty! Way to truly empathize with another person’s struggles!


Misty then imagined how her black coworker would judge her most recent posts, which she hoped were clearly supportive of Black Lives Matter but without seeming like she was trying to prove something.


“When I really put myself in his position and asked him some meaningful questions, I realized that everything I posted was fine, probably.”


We’re not sure, Misty – you’d have to ask him directly, but even then, that’d be weird!


And of course, Misty could not avoid thinking deeply about Dawn, the girl who bullied her in middle school, and how the pain she caused was probably due to an underlying pain within herself.



Above all things, Misty is confident that Dawn would believe she is “much hotter” and “less weird” than she was back then.


Keep on thinking that, Misty! This is healthy!!