Wow! This Woman Has Been Thinking About Giving Back to Her Community Her Entire Adult Life

New Yorker Sophie McConnell doesn’t consider herself a hero – but is she wrong? For McConnell, 34, has spent her entire adult life thinking about giving back to her community.


Talk about putting thoughts into…more thoughts!


“I’ve considered helping causes as diverse as combating anti-Asian hate, reducing homelessness, and even fighting cancer,” said McConnell, sipping a mimosa as a protest passed by in the background. “It’s really important to me that I imagine being an actual member of my community, not just someone who lives here and never gives back.”


Plenty of New Yorkers are in awe of McConnell’s commitment to thinking about giving back.


“Sophie’s such a hero,” gushed McConnell’s roommate, Elana Rosen. “She’s the one who told me to carry Narcan with me to help reverse opioid overdoses but never followed through with the bulk purchase.”


“I mean, at least she read an article about how more people should be doing it,” added Rosen. “I think she learned that at a community watch meeting. Oh, wait – I actually think she skipped that meeting to go to brunch. Maybe she read it in a tweet.”


But not everyone is convinced of McConnell’s heroism.


“Sophie will RSVP to a community event and then bail the second something more interesting comes up,” complained McConnell’s ex, Marilyn Townes. “Like, once, she was supposed to go to a breast cancer walk with me, but she bailed to go rock climbing with some guy she met on Hinge.”


But McConnell remains undeterred.


“I care so much about New York and giving back to its people,” she said. “It’s just that sometimes life gets so busy, you know? Then like, ten years go by and you’re just like, oops!”



“Besides,” McConnell added, “I’ve thought more about giving back than most people have ever actually done. Doesn’t that count for anything?”


At press time, McConnell was RSVPing yes to a pro-immigration reform rally that she would eventually bail on to attend an ironic laser tag party in New Jersey.