Aww! This Adult Woman Still Pictures Her Future Self as a Cool Female Drummer

In an adorable story coming out of Seattle, WA, 33-year-old social media manager Victoria Hernandez still imagines her future self as a cool female drummer.


Aw! You definitely missed the boat on that one, sweetie!


“I’ve always wanted to be a drummer,” Victoria said. “I think it would really suit me, even though I’ve never learned how to play any instrument in my life. I just feel like I’d be really good at it!”


Yes! We love to see someone who’s confident in their non-existent abilities!


Right now Victoria manages social media accounts for an online grocery delivery company, but that isn’t stopping her from daydreaming about her eventual rock’n’roll future.


“Sometimes when I’m having a bad day at work,” she told us, “I’m like, it’s actually okay because one day I’ll be a cool female drummer in a punk band and none of this will even matter to me! And then I play some Bikini Kill while I send some more emails.”


Guess you have to start somewhere!


Despite always having a dream of being a cool girl drummer, Victoria actually ended up going to college and majoring in Media Studies, which led her to establishing a career based in that, but this isn’t stopping her from holding a vision of herself in a rock band in the distant future.


“Sure, I was never in any bands when I was in college,” Victoria told us. “But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t someday learn how to play the drums, meet a girl band looking for a drummer, and then live the rest of my life doing that! You never know!”


When asked how far in the future she imagines herself becoming a cool female drummer, Victoria wasn’t exactly pressed to give a definite answer.


“Probably like, in a few years?” she told us. “I’m just gonna let it come to me though, y’know?”




Sounds like a great plan!


We wish Victoria luck on her journey to somehow become a cool female drummer in the near or distant future, or whatever ends up happening with her (which is probably not that)! Rock on!!!