Wow! This Woman Double Texted and It Actually Did Make Her Crush Lose Interest

While we’re commonly told not to overthink the mind games of modern dating, one woman’s story is proving that, actually, maybe we should: When 24-year-old Mia threw caution to the wind and double texted her crush, they did, in fact, lose all interest in her.


Oh no!


“I was texting with this person who I’ve gone out with a couple of times,” says Mia. “They didn’t respond to my last message asking them what they cooked for dinner, but then I saw this meme that was so relevant to a conversation we’d had, so I just thought: Fuck it. We get so caught up in power and overanalyzing dynamics,” Mia says. “And it’s just like, no one really cares.”


Unfortunately, people do care, and Mia’s crush was not unfazed by the back-to-back messages.


“Mia’s totally cool,” says her crush, Sal. “But I guess when she texted me again before I’d even had the chance to engage with her previous message, I just felt a bit…smothered? It’s weird because I was so into her before, but now I just feel a bit put off.”


Darn! Looks like Mia really blew it by not acting from a place of paranoia and insecurity as we all know that we shouldn’t, but then, on a deeper level, know that we should.



“The whole thing is actually kind of funny, because at first I felt like they were more into me than I was into them, and I wasn’t that invested in how the relationship would shake out,” Mia says. “But now that I’ve double texted, I feel all vulnerable and needy and actually desperate for them to respond!”


“Like, I know I told my friend they were ‘maybe dumb’ last week,” Mia adds. “But now I could really see us being together. My books would look so good in their apartment.”


Wow! Looks like human psychology is really as basic as it appears and we’re all just at its pathetic whims!


“I think I’m just gonna ‘love’ react the meme she sent,” Sal says. “That counts as a response but gives me time to breathe. It honors my boundaries while still being kind.”


At press time, Mia was absolutely agonizing over the meaning of the ‘love’ react with no further response, as she should.