Wow! This Woman Got Out of Plans by Just Going to Them

In a win for passive introverts everywhere, reluctant socialite Carol Jenkins got out of her weekend plans by just going to them.


You go, girl! Literally!


“I was dreading having lunch with an old coworker this weekend and was desperately trying to get out of it,” Carol says. “I considered everything—faking a death in the family, faking a death in the extended family, faking a death in my general friend sphere—but then I realized: What better way to get out of something I don’t want to do than just doing it regardless?”


That’s right, ladies, there’s a new master manipulator in town!


“I was fully expecting her to dip out of our lunch,” says Carol’s coworker Brian Muñoz. “But when she showed up, I was like, ‘Alright, we’re in the presence of greatness here.’”


Carol’s schedule is now booked solid with plans she fully intends to go to even though the thought of doing so makes her want to throw up.


“Sometimes you just need to say, ‘enough is enough,’” Carol told us. “And change absolutely nothing.”


This practice has quickly extended to other aspects of her life. Carol has started getting out of cooking dinner by just cooking dinner and getting out of work meetings by volunteering to run them herself.


Now this is a woman who knows how to prioritize her needs!



She’s even become an icon of the avoidant community.


“It’s just so nice to see someone struggle with the same things I struggle with,” said one woman who canceled on three out of her last four dinner dates. “Her method of getting out of plans is unmatched! I’ve tried rescheduling, saying I’m sick, pretending I’m a catfish, but nothing has been as effective as just going. And then the plan is over! Remarkable.”


Carol is so good at getting out of plans by just going to them that people have slowly stopped inviting her to things.


“They know they can’t rely on her to cancel,” said her friend Mitra Rekem. “And honestly, it’s a power move.”