Feng Shui Your Bra in 6 Easy Steps

Reductress - Feng Shui Bra

Cindy Goldenstein, author of Feng Shui Your Wardrobe, sat down with us to help apply some feng shui tips to one of our most sacred garments—the bra.


1. Only buy red bras.

The color red will seal in the chi so it can circulate back into your body. Many women lose chi through their nipples.

2. When not in use, store bras out in the open with the cups open to the sky.

Facing the cups upward allows the bra to graciously receive divine energy. Store bras outdoors or near a window with 24-hour access to sunlight and moonlight.

3. Sprinkle salt water in the southwest corner of your bra (under the left armpit) every day.

Salt cleanses your bra’s aura. At least once a week soak the entire bra in salt water and place on your body still wet.

4. Sew pockets into your bras and place seven Chinese coins next to each breast.

This will bring abundance into your life and is especially helpful in the production of breast milk for new mothers. The coins should be loose enough that they make noise as you walk. The sound will bring good luck to your breasts throughout the day.

5. Once a month (preferably at the full moon) place two Tibetan singing bowls around both breasts while wearing your bra. Gently strike the bowls three times.

The sound will banish any negative energy that may have accumulated in the bra.


6. Each season, around the solstices and equinoxes, take a month-long sabbatical from your bras.

Allow them to rest and recuperate, ideally buried at the foot of a tree. This also serves as a type of fast for your breasts. If possible, don’t let any fabric touch your breasts during this period.