Woman’s Fear Someone Will Hit on Her at Bar Slowly Turning Into Fear That No One Will Hit on Her at Bar

When San Francisco, CA resident Alexis Boswell met up with friends at a local bar, she was terrified that someone might hit on her during her girls’ night out. However, her night took an even more horrifying turn when, hours later, no one had even looked her way.


“Of course I don’t want anyone bothering me while I’m just hanging out with my friends,” said the 27-year-old. “But no one even attempting to talk to me? I mean, what the fuck? At that point it’s like, what’s wrong with me?”


At the beginning of the night, Alexis reported a deep sense of dread as she passed by a loud group of men, and was reported to have said, “Ugh, I hope none of them try to buy me a drink.” However, by the time Alexis realized none of them were going to buy her a drink, her dread turned into confusion as to why not.


When reporters interviewed her friends, however, they gave a pretty solid explanation.


“I would say she was probably giving off what people call ‘mixed signals,’” said Alexis’s friend Casey, who was out with her that night. “I mean, she was worrying the whole night about why no one was approaching her, but at the same time she was dancing in a pretty tight circle of friends at the club, not making eye contact with anyone. It feels like they go hand in hand?”



Alexis told reporters this night had shaken her to her core.


“At some point you start to wonder, will anyone ever buy a drink for me again? It’s not that I want to get hit on, I just want someone to try hit on me, you know?” said Alexis. “Like my vibe is still ‘Don’t talk to me,’ but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to talk to me!”


As of press time, Alexis reports high hopes of someone asking for her number as she goes to a coffee shop to read the entirety of The Bell Jar, with no intention of talking to anyone and a plan to sport an annoyed glare if someone even looks at her for too long.