Woman’s Career as Etsy Jewelry Model Has Gone to Her Head

According to friends, Jenna Farthing of Peoria, Illinois has become “pretty full of herself” since modeling for her friend Amanda’s jewelry shop on Etsy.


“She was already posting outtakes of her ‘shoots’ on Instagram,” says sister Joanne Farthing. “But now she’s writing things like ‘On set again!’ and ‘#handmodellife.’ She’s become a monster.”


“None of my other friends agreed to model,” Dunbrooke confessed. “I was pretty desperate, and knew that she would do anything to update her profile pic with something that looks validating.”


“To be fair, though,” Dunbrooke continued, “she does have excellent bone structure in her hands and neck.”



“Being around her was already insufferable, but now she’s acting like this is an actual ‘career,’” says roommate Julie Weich. “She’s not even getting paid.”


“It’s embarrassing to be seen in out public with her,” says Farthing’s own mother, Diane. “She has layers of necklaces on—cameo necklaces owl head earrings, bird silhouette necklaces, old-fashioned keys on chains that don’t go to anything—and it’s like she’s always tilting her head three quarters and looking Celtic.”


When pressed for comment, Farthing remarked, “I feel like I’m really going places with my career. People seem to really enjoy my look.”