Woman Who Spent an Hour With Verizon Store Employee Ready to Define the Relationship

In a developing story out of the Verizon store in Mamaroneck, NY, 23-year-old Julie Ames has spent approximately one hour with the employee helping her upgrade her iPhone, and now feels ready to define the relationship.


“As soon as I met Armando, I felt he was professional, warm, and knowledgeable about what upgrades made the most sense for me on my current plan,” says Julie. “I didn’t have any expectations, but after an hour together, I do feel ready to sort of take that next step. To ask: What are we?”


Sources report things with Armando began casually, with him asking the usual questions about what model iPhone Julie has now, how much storage she would like, and explaining the distinct benefits of the models available to her, but during their time together, the connection organically became more intense.


“I just knew something was different about him,” Julie says. “Maybe we were fated to meet, or maybe it was that he’s definitely the cutest employee at this Verizon store, and I like his little earring.”


“When he asked me what iOS I have and I said I have no idea, he asked if he could just look at my phone,” Julie adds. “Watching him rifle through my settings, then smiling up at me and saying that I got a text but he didn’t read it, I realized this was the most intimate I had been with someone in months.”



While Julie has officially decided to go with the iPhone SE because it costs the least after trade-in and she doesn’t really need “all that other stuff”, she has yet to initiate The Conversation with Armando.


“It’s not like I’m someone who needs labels,” Julie explains. “But I’m afraid if we don’t come right out and say what we mean to each other, I might lose him forever. Especially because I don’t know his last name or have any way of contacting him once I leave.”


62 minutes into one of the best dates of Julie’s life, Armando was finalizing the sale.


“Maybe we’re not ready for that talk,” Julie says. “Would I be ready for the ‘girlfriend’ label? Sure. But I feel secure already, and that’s what really matters.”


At press time, Armando was leaving for lunch with his live-in boyfriend.