Woman Accidentally Scrolls Down to Unhinged Part of Notes App

In horrifying news coming out of Seattle, WA, 26-year-old Tae Ford was looking for her WiFi password when she stumbled upon the deeply unhinged part of her Notes app.


“I just wanted to see my login information so I could stream Big Brother,” Tae told us. “But I was completely blindsided by what I found instead.”


“Once I saw the series of bad cryptic poetry, ideas for podcasts, ideas for screenplays, and weird personal affirmations from 2019,” Tae said, “I knew that I wouldn’t be able to function for the rest of the day. It was all just way too embarrassing.”


Sources close to Tae informed us that she spent the rest of the afternoon reading through these utterly humiliating notes.


“The whole time, I wanted to delete all of them,” Tae said. “But then I also thought, ‘Maybe they’ll come in handy someday.’ Who even knows.”


The notes that Tae is speaking about include a long depression warning sign checklist, various nightmare journal entries, and a note that just says “listen to your intuition”.


“But at the same time,” Tae continued. “I also can’t let anyone see these notes or else I’ll have to kill them and then myself! Haha.”


However, Tae’s recent notes are extremely different, which might suggest that she’s in a better headspace emotionally.


“Nowadays, my notes usually just consist of different grocery lists, or maybe some possible Instagram captions,” Tae said. “I do still have the occasional unhinged note though, like this one that just says ‘You are fun to be around!’”


Hopefully, this experience allows Tae to be proud of how far she’s come, even though she is still practically paralyzed from the embarrassment at the time of press.


“I just can’t believe that I wrote all of this down,” Tae went on. “Like, I look like such a crazy person!”



Yes, she definitely does!


We hope that Tae can move on from this traumatizing experience in order to finally find her WiFi login information, but until then, hopefully she just deletes some of these crazy notes because she’s definitely going to find them again next time she needs any other username and password.