Woman Who Brags About Being Dairy-Free Still Wants A Bite Of Your Nachos

On Saturday night, you and your recently dairy-free friend Katie Sacko went out to dinner, where she raved about all of the benefits she’s experiencing after cutting out dairy, only stopping to ask for “just one little bite” of your nachos.


Sacko, who has been dairy-free since the new year, has cut all milk and related products from her diet. For many, this would be a hard diet to follow, but Katie insists that she absolutely loves being dairy-free and can see herself avoiding dairy for the rest of her life. Except for when you two go out to eat and you order nachos. She’s definitely going to still want a bite – sorry, girl!


Katie swears by the difference she can already see and feel: She’s less bloated, her skin is clearer, and she’s just in an overall better mood. In fact, she can’t imagine ever going back to eating dairy, except, of course, the dairy in your nachos that you’re eating.


While at dinner, Katie told you – three separate times – that going dairy-free is one of the best decisions she’s ever made. It’s almost as if Katie needs to convince herself of her decision to be dairy-free? It’s hard to say based on the fact that she’s definitely eating your fucking nachos right now.



Cutting out an ingredient that’s been a staple in your diet since birth is not an easy task, but Katie promises she doesn’t even miss dairy that much. To supplement her diet, Katie has been eating non-dairy alternatives that “honestly taste just as good, maybe even better” than the real deal. Although the real thing is obviously better, at least it would appear so based on the wide-eyed stare she gave your nachos before you gently asked if she might like some.


After hearing you place your order, Katie was quoted saying, “Wow I’ve been off dairy for so long the thought of nachos with melted cheese is kind of repulsive.” But when your nachos arrived, Katie immediately stopped talking about her improved gut health and grabbed a nacho without even asking.


When you offered to share them with her she naturally replied, “Oh my god no I don’t eat dairy,” and then proceeded to eat half the plate anyway.