Woman Unsure If Jeans Are Perfect Size or 11 Sizes Too Big

In a fashion disaster currently unfolding in the changing room of a Levi’s in Chicago, IL, 25-year-old Ola McPhereson is unsure if the jeans she’s trying on are the perfect size or, alternatively, 11 sizes too big.


“I know jeans are supposed to be really big right now,” she told reporters while staring at the cascading lumps of fabric in the fitting room mirror. “But I can’t tell if this is too much. Is it too much? Or maybe they’re perfect. They’re perfect. No. Too big.”


At this point it became clear Ola was asking the reporters to weigh in, but none of them could, because they also couldn’t really tell.


“I used to be a huge skinny jeans person,” she continued. “But if you step outside in a pair of jeans that even remotely show the shape of your leg now, it only takes about three minutes for everyone on Reddit to start cooking the shit out of you.”


Ola confirmed her mom recently bought her a pair of objectively correctly-sized jeans as a Christmas present, but Ola didn’t want to risk leaving the house in them, lest a teen take a covert video of her and post it under the hashtag #millenialcringe.


According to sources at the scene, Ola pulled her friend Madeline Hook into the dressing room to be the final authority on the matter.


“Oh, those are so cute!” Madeline reportedly said upon entering the stall.


“Really? I feel like they might be big,” Ola replied.


“Oh! Um, yeah they’re definitely big,” Madeline continued, visibly sweating. “But isn’t that good? That’s good, right? That’s good? We think that’s good.”


Ola decided she should trust her gut, which perfectly aligned with what people were saying online, and just buy the jeans. When she approached the register with the pants, the employee working there – 18-year-old Ava Fitzgerald – said, “Hey hon, did you want to exchange these for another size?” which started the spiral all over again.



“I don’t know, should I?” Ola asked desperately. “You think I should, right? Yeah, let’s size down. They’re way too big.”


Ava then clarified she meant the jeans should be even bigger, and Ola – reluctant to seem out of touch – walked out with a pair that were, by professional measurements, 13 sizes too big.