Woman Struggling to Focus on Work Since March Ready to Throw Herself Into it This Week

Brooklyn, NY resident Olivia Strauss has been struggling with focusing on accomplishing work tasks since March, but that’s all about the change this week. Strauss is now ready to fully fling herself into work this week to distract herself from the upcoming presidential election.


“I wouldn’t say things have gotten better for me, no,” Strauss said. “But before I had this gnawing anxiety about the pandemic and the news that would make me feel hopeless throughout the day. This week it’s full-on panic-mode anxiety, which makes me want to escape, even if it’s through relentlessly devoting myself to work until I eventually pass out.”


When quarantine first came to Olivia’s area in early March, her productivity immediately took a huge hit.


“I was smoking weed all the time and crying very often, so I missed deadlines I was usually able to meet easily,” Strauss recalled. “But this week, I’m ready to devote myself to work this week, because the noise inside my head is far scarier than any Excel sheet.”


“I didn’t have a desk in my apartment so I’ve been hanging on by a thread working in bed for months now,” she continued. “But this week, I’ve completed every pending task I’ve had since March.”



Olivia’s boss, Megan Thames, has since reported record-high productivity from Olivia.


“This Monday was the hardest I’ve seen Olivia work in months,” Thames reported. “I thought maybe she really kicked the things that were bringing her down, but I think she might just be throwing herself into work to distract herself from the election.”


Reports indicate Olivia’s boss is definitely right about that second part.


At press time, Olivia was told she has Tuesday off, to which she inquired about working for free anyways just to get ahead of work tasks.