Woman Releases Shocking Memoir: ‘I Have Two Boobs’

The anonymous Reddit celebrity who came out to the world as having two boobs last year has released a memoir about her incredible life, Booby Double: My Life with Two Boobs.


The pages reveals Booby Doll’s (A.K.A “Two Tits” or “TT”) candid take on her unique silhouette, her childhood, uncomfortable puberty years, and sexual popularity.


“Guys love breasts, so you can only imagine what it’s like having two of them,” says TT. “I’ve had a lots of fun with my two tits.”


On her need to tell her story, TT released the following statement:


“People are constantly asking me a lot of questions about my body. Answering emails from curious people started taking up my whole day: ‘Does it hurt?’ ‘Does liking your boobs make me a lesbian?’ ‘How do you find button-up shirts?’ ‘Can you show me a picture of both of your boobs?’ So the book is for them, but it’s also for myself. I want people to empathize with my unusual body.”


While she is poised in statements and tweets, her unusual set of breasts has made her the target for much ridicule in her life. She recalls, “Middle school was hard for me. I came back from summer break praying no one would notice, but right away, everyone started talking about my development. I was the only girl with two boobs.”



Although children can be cruel, TT says adults haven’t been much more delicate about her breast situation. “Men see my two boobs as a novelty, and women are constantly whispering that they aren’t real,” she says. “Rest assured: I was born with two real, independent, functioning tits.”


The strangest request from her fans is to, “…put their head between my two boobs and fan their lips. They call it motorboating…and that’s not even the worst thing they want to put in there. I’ll leave the NSFW stuff for the reader to discover when they’re ready.”


Is TT for real, or is she just another Internet troll taking everyone for a ride? No matter what the truth is, the wisdom and grace she’s found throughout her journey can give solace to anyone:


“People are scared of what they don’t understand. The main thing is not to let their opinion of who you are cloud your opinion of yourself. Stay strong and know that you are on this earth for a reason…or two!”


Keep an eye out for the already-optioned pilot based on the book, called “A Tale of Two Titties,” coming to Fox this fall.