Woman Really Believes His Sexuality Is The Only Thing Standing Between Her and Antoni

After watching Netflix’s Queer Eye and developing a serious crush on the show’s food and wine expert, 25-year-old Georgina Flatten really believes his sexuality is the only thing standing between her and food and wine expert, Antoni.


Although Antoni Porowski is an incredibly hot model, celebrity and all-around fun person, Flatten is still convinced that if Antoni was straight, things between them would work out and fulfill all her hetero dreams.


“It’s such a bummer that he’s gay,” says Flatten. “I could really see myself marrying him and him bringing me a Michelada and some guacamole on the patio.”


Flatten isn’t the only straight woman who has grown fond of Antoni since watching the show, but she is the only person in her friend group who sincerely believes Antoni would love her back if he wasn’t into men.


“I mean sure, seeing Antoni onscreen does things to me, but I’m not kidding myself,” says Anne Vernon, Georgina’s friend. “But I’m not a model and I live in Algonquin, Illinois. For us I guess it’s more the distance?”


“Antoni being gay is sort of irrelevant,” says Milly Darnin, another close friend of Flatten. “He’s out of our league regardless of which genders he’s attracted to.”


Despite her friend’s use of logic to conclude that being with Antoni is impossible, Georgina is confident that if he was straight, they’d be together happily.



“Honestly, even though he’s gay, you never know,” says Georgina. “I totally respect his sexuality, but things can change!”


Sources close to Flatten unanimously agree that things would never work out for her and Antoni, under any circumstances.


At the conclusion of this interview, we informed Georgina that Antoni has a serious boyfriend.


Upon hearing this news, Flatten threw her hands up in the air saying, “Antoni is gay! It’s the tragedy of my life and the only thing keeping us from being together ugggghhhh!”