Good Playlist The Only Thing Standing Between Krista and Fitness Goals

Despite doctor’s orders to shed a significant amount of weight, Krista Morris, of Omaha, NE, insists she just hasn’t formed the right playlist to achieve her fitness goals. “I mean, once that playlist is where it needs to be – watch out! Dr. Rothschild’s gonna be all like, ‘Krista? Is that you?”


While she has yet to make it to the gym or even go out for a walk since her physical last December, Krista has put several hours into working on the “Workout Songz!!” playlist in her iTunes library.


“I just need to buy ‘***Flawless’ to make the playlist complete, but sometimes it makes me kind of tired? So I’m not so sure.”



At this time, Krista feels she does have a few songs in place that get her in a workout mood. Dominated by country music, Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, and Glee ballads, however, she claims her current playlist “makes me cry, not sweat.”


“Krista claims that her playlist is the biggest impediment to her weight loss,” says Dr. Sonia Rothschild. “All you need is a little Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, hell even some fast songs from Glee to round it out. I’m starting to believe that this is just an elaborate excuse not to work out.”


In response to her doctor’s latest concerns, Krista claims that her computer is stuck at the repair shop.