Woman Makes Snack to Muster Energy to Make Meal

Alicia Green found herself in a typical predicament Wednesday while trying to wrap up work at the end of the day: As she entered into dangerous hangry territory, the task of boiling and sautéing the dinner she’d planned became completely overwhelming and impossible.


But Alicia found a way out – making herself a small snack in order to regain the energy to cook.


“I knew I had to think fast or before I knew it I’d be scarfing ice cream on the couch and giving myself a stomachache while all the food I bought went bad,” says Alicia. “That’s when I realized I could eat some crackers and hummus as a warm-up meal.”


Alicia spent under three minutes preparing the small snack, then sat down for 15 minutes with a beer while her blood sugar recovered. Finally, she was ready to start cooking.


“I was really proud of myself for finding that reserve to get out the pots and pans. I never would’ve gotten here without a snack.”


Alicia’s story is already inspiring others. A friend, Leslie Monet, says she was becoming comatose at her computer and about to hit “order” on a cheese pizza when she thought of Alicia.


“I was like wait, if Alicia can do this, so can I,” says Leslie. “So I ate some peanut butter with an apple and then an hour later I was eating another meal that I’d cooked.”


“I mean it was just a chicken, lettuce, and Caesar dressing, but that would never have happened without Alicia.”



Alicia is proud to share her technique.


“It’s crazy but you really do need food to function, and that includes the function of making food,” she explains. “Sometimes you really do need a snack right before you make dinner.”